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LavishlyHip specializes in new current stylish trendy jewelry and accessories, and sometimes classic vintage and pre-owned items. I am constantly looking and purchasing items that are current stylish trends.

As the owner of LavishlyHip, I enjoy every aspect of the customer relationship.. from looking at trade magazines and other sources to see upcoming trends and talking with designers and manufacturers, to interacting with my customers. I most especially love seeing the items I select are the items my customers enjoy!

It is important to me that every purchasing experience is an enjoyable one for you. Most importantly, this has to be fun, and my goal is that the customer smiles whenever she or he (smiling) puts the item on or uses it.

I've been lucky enough to travel the world and had access to big city selections. However, I haven't always lived in larger urban areas and understand what it is like to want items that are not so easily accessible locally. Thankfully for all of us, we have the Internet, where the selection of trendy accessories is amazing, affordable and easily accessible!

In sourcing products to keep LavishlyHip up-to-date, I scour hot sales, work with worldwide designers I developed relationships with through my travels, and obtain items from a few other sources. Sometimes, I go through my personal jewelry cabinet and offer classic pieces that are always in style.

Many of the items come from hot designers that may just be getting known. However, hot designer doesn't necessarily mean they just came on the scene. Look at Kenneth Jay Lane's boutique line and how his popularity soared when his designs were used in the Sex in the City series and movies.

To help you get to learn more about the designers we feature, take a look at our designer's page. It's always fun to read about their inspiration and background.

Women everywhere love to have a new accessory and ideally something that their girlfriends slightly covet.

Usually I have only one of a particular item, but I think it makes it more special. Most of the time I am unable to purchase multiple quantities because they are a hot trend or designer, and generally I like to purchase more items with slightly different styles rather than six of the same item, same color.

My items are guaranteed authentic! Check my feedback to see what my happy customers say about their purchases. Only purchase through reputable sources or directly from designers, so what you are getting is authentic.

LavishlyHip and eBay is a second career for me. Having spent time in the corporate world and being on the consumer end of things, I always love getting new pieces and mixing / matching them up with my accessory wardrobe. Just like make-up, you can take it off and put on something else. it isn't rocket science.

We all have to be smart with our finances in today's economy. Accessories are a great way to change the entire look of an outfit for a fraction of the cost of buying a whole new outfit!

Our list of designers changes over time and sometimes from season to season. Sign up for our Store Newsletter and add us to your favorite list so you are sure to be one of the first to know about hot new items at LavishlyHip!

As always, if you ever have a question, just click on the Contact the Seller link from within the item.
I certainly look forward to seeing you in the Store!

Have a LavishlyHip day!

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